If you have questions about adopting the child of a spouse or a child in foster care, or if you need advice about your ability to obtain visitation rights concerning the adopted child of a spouse whom you’re divorcing, call William J. Taylor to discuss your case. His familiarity with Tennessee adoption laws and procedures can provide you with a clear understanding of the steps involved with stepparent adoption, foster care adoption, or agency adoption.

Many adoption cases involve a request to assist stepparents with the adoption of their spouse’s child or children. Mr. Taylor can explain the legal requirements pertaining to the termination or waiver of the other parent’s rights with respect to the child or children. Additionally, he can help you prepare for the (sometimes) required home study and caseworker evaluation. While stepparent adoptions in Tennessee are usually the most streamlined and least complicated of adoption cases, complications can sometimes arise.

In some cases, an adoptive parent can encounter problems in obtaining the natural parent’s waiver or consent to the adoption. In other cases, past difficulties with the criminal justice system can complicate a prospective parent’s application. William J. Taylor can help you overcome many of the hurdles or delays that can arise during the adoption process.