There are two types of divorces recognized by the Tennessee Courts: irreconcilable differences, which requires no proof of fault; and fault based divorce.

Irreconcilable differences divorces require a signed Marital Dissolution Agreement that resolves all issues between you and your spouse. The time frame is a minimum 60 days after filing if no children, and 90 days if children are involved. Many times agreements are negotiated after the filing of the complaint for divorce. And where children are involved, husband and wife must agree to a Parenting Plan that covers co-parenting issues, such as summer vacation, holidays, support, etc.

Fault based divorces involve allegations of a party’s fault during the marriage. Such conduct can be adultery, physical abuse, or habitual abuse of drugs or alcohol. Where there are no minor children, a two year separation is also grounds for divorce. If mediation is not able to bring the parties to an agreement, the court will have to decide such issues as who is entitled to each party’s assets, which party is obligated for which debts, the valuation and division of marital assets and debts, whether spousal support is warranted, residential agreements for the children, and child support issues.

Divorce was the last thing to enter your mind when you were married. However, if you have come to the conclusion that your marriage is at its end, we will work with you to find a personalized solution to your concerns, your situation and where you want your future to be. Although many of our clients know what they want in order to find closure and move on with their lives, few are familiar with the legal aspects of a divorce. If you have made the decision to seek a divorce - let us guide you through the challenging, sometimes contentious decisions that will come next.

Divorce and Family Law cases are personal and emotional matters, and each situation is different. Some cases require a powerful and strategic defense of what you are entitled to.  Some cases involve parties who have agreed on most aspects of their divorce, but have other issues to be litigated only if negotiation and mediation fail to resolve their impasse.

If you have made the decision to divorce or seek modification of your prior divorce decree, we understand that you will need and expect honest advice, clear legal information, understanding support, and a firm guiding hand. The Law Office of William J. Taylor will assist you to start your new life with confidence, a fair settlement or disposition, and financial security - and we want your new life to begin as soon as possible