Knoxville DUI / DWI Attorney

Tennessee has some of the most stringent DUI penalties in the nation. Driving under the influence of alcohol, or any illegal drug or prescription medication, is punished as follows:
  • First offense: Driver's license revoked for one year. The mandatory minimum sentence is 48 hours in jail, or 7 days if blood alcohol concentration is .20% or higher

  • Second offense: Mandatory 45-day jail sentence. Minimum fine of $600.

  • Third offense: Mandatory 120-day jail sentence. Minimum fine of $1100.

  • Fourth offense: Felony DUI. Minimum 150-day jail sentence. Minimum fine of $300

In addition, a DUI conviction on your record will cause your AUTO INSURANCE to increase substantially. This leads many to lose their ability to drive, which causes numerous other problems, including loss of work. In addition to the penalties listed, the following additional consequences may result from a conviction for a second or subsequent offense of DUI.

Rehabilitation Program:

Upon conviction, the judge may require you to attend a rehabilitation program at an approved alcohol treatment facility.

Interlock Device:

Presumed necessary unless an on-the-record finding to the contrary is made by the judge. Required if you have had a prior DUI conviction within the last five years. You will be required to blow into the device before starting the car, and periodically while operating the car. Your blood alcohol concentration must register below a specified amount ranging between .02% and .05%. You are responsible for the costs of the device.

Vehicle Forfeiture:

The vehicle used in the commission of a second or subsequent offense is automatically subject to seizure and forfeiture by the Tennessee Department of Safety.

Although usually charged as a misdemeanor, DUI charges are extremely complex. Issues to be reviewed include the manner in which you were stopped, how you responded to the police, how they responded to you, how (and if) probable cause was obtained by the arresting officer to justify the arrest. Was blood or breath samples provided? Was the process administered correctly, or was the possibility of error evident?

The Law Office of William J. Taylor will aggressively defend you of all DUI/DWI/drunk driving charges. As a former DUI prosecutor for Boulder City, Nevada, Mr. Taylor understands what the State needs to obtain a conviction. After reviewing your case (including observation of the arrest video), we will contact the District Attorney prosecuting your case with an eye towards dismissal or reduction of the charges. Please provide the information above for a free consultation. Whether this is your first DUI or you have been convicted of DUI previously, we will explore all avenues possible in order to minimize the negative consequences to you