If you are being investigated for or have been charged with a crime by a federal agency, the process for defending against potential criminal activity is extremely complicated. The Federal Government has a wide array of powerful investigative tools and plenty of resources that can be used to build a case against you, such as wiretaps, video and surveillance.

The Federal Government typically uses task forces that combine law enforcement agents from federal, state and local authorities into a powerful prosecution team. In short, the Feds have the power to bring tremendous resources against you, and they will not hesitate to do so.

Federal crimes either cross state lines, involve a federal agency (e.g., the post office, federally insured banks, the SEC and HUD) or involve the Internet. The most common cases prosecuted at the Federal level include drug trafficking, bank robbery and Internet pornography.

There are several factors that make federal criminal defense so daunting:

  • Federal sentences are severe, and there is no parole.
  • The Federal Criminal Code does not lend itself to plea negotiation.
  • Federal prosecutors and law enforcement agents typically have far greater resources and experience than their state counterparts.

If you are facing potential federal charges, beware!The US Attorneys and their investigators have probably already accumulated evidence against you. They can take months or even years to prepare a case. By the time you are charged, they already have a head start on you. This makes it especially important to get your defense started quickly. William J. Taylor is a member of the CJA (Criminal Justice Act) panel of attorneys in east Tennessee who has been assigned by the Court to represent clients charged with serious criminal offenses. Don’t gamble on your case! Retain an attorney who has the experience to aggressively represent you against the power of the Federal Government.